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  • Psychologist, psychotherapist in clinical specialization

  • Certified value-oriented psychotherapist VBC (Germany)

  • Author of a mental health diary

  • Recognized psychotherapist by the National Association of Psychologists of Ukraine

  • Participant of volunteer assistance to refugees from Ukraine "Tell me"

  • More than 3000 hours of consulting experience

  • Leading psychological support groups and therapy.

Olga provides services in English, Ukrainian and Russian.

-- For Ukrainian clients, Olga provides the first session free. Ukrainian clients use the voucher ukraine on check-out for a full discount on the first session.

Olga Babira // Ольга Бабира

Clinical psychologist // Клинический психолог | MSc

Emotional regulation | Anxiety | Panick attacks | Stress | Relationships | Personal development | Trauma | Career development | Self esteem

"I am sure that there is nothing more exciting than the process of self-discovery, getting to know your feelings, needs and desires. Often we carry with us the burden of past experiences, unprocessed psychological traumas, repressed emotions and painful experiences.
In the process of psychotherapy, it becomes possible to gradually get rid of excess and find new meanings.

As a result, one's own way of living the kind of life one wants to live, being in harmony with oneself, other people and the surrounding world, appears."

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