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  • Professional Certificate No. 25182

  • Master in Clinical Psychology (specialization in Cognitive-Behavioral Interventions) | FPCEUC

  • Graduate in Cognitive Behavioral Psychotherapies,

  • Third Generation - Mindfulness | INSPSIC & Bangor University

  • Complementary Training in Therapy Focused on (Self) Compassion

  • Complementary training in ACT - Acceptance and Commitment Therapy

  • Work as a researcher in applied psychology Development, implementation and research of a Mindfulness program to promote well-being and stress reduction at the institutional level

Inês Gaspar

Clinical psychologist | MSc

Anxiety | Acceptation and compassion | Relationships | Personal development | Career development | Mindfulness

"I believe that within each of us there are multiple possibilities of being. In this sense, living consists of self-discovering our potential" selves "and deciding what, within us, we want to feed and cultivate and how we can do it.

​In my clinical practice, I strive to facilitate this reunion, creating a space of empathy, security, understanding and acceptance."

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