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  • Member no. 25152 of the Portuguese Body of Psychologists

  • Experience with university students at the Portuguese Catholic University - Porto

  • Experience with teenagers at the ENCONTRAR+SE Association

  • Experience with older people at Santa Casa da Misericórdia in Vila Nova de Gaia

  • PhD Student at the Faculty of Psychology and Educational Sciences of the University of Porto

  • Master in Psychology with specialization in Clinical and Health Psychology

  • Training in Vocational Psychology

  • Training in Mindfulness

  • Research in the area of ​​mental health of the informal caregiver of the person with oncological disease

  • Research in the area of ​​soft skills

  • Volunteer in the Stop Cancer Portugal health education project

Carolina Blom

Clinical psychologist | MSc

Anxiety | Depression | Personal development | Career development | Stress

"Every person, regardless of age, needs to feel valued, to attribute meaning to what they do and what happens in their life path.

This observation that I made at the beginning of my journey is the foundation of my work with people who seek to build change with my accompaniment."

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