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  • Effective member of the Portuguese Psychologists Association (OPP) n⁰ 26626.

  • Master in Clinical and Health Psychology: subspecialization in Psychopathology and Dynamic Psychotherapies from the University of Coimbra.

  • Experience in individual and group counseling psychology consultation for the treatment of addictions (Narcotics Anonymous 12 Step Model).

  • Certified Trainer in the field of mental health.

  • Experience with children and young people with autism and developmental disorders.

Bárbara Videira

Clinical psychologist | MSc

Anxiety | Depression | Emotional regulation | Addictions | Stress | Personal development | Autism | Development disorders

"It is difficult to admit to ourselves that we are the only ones responsible for the life we ​​lead. This is because many times we are not satisfied with that same life. But if we allow ourselves to become aware of this power that we have, the future becomes more hopeful because, although we have no power over what happens to us; we always have power over how we react to it.

From the moment we stop being victims of these same circumstances and consequences, and start to assume power over them, that's when we also start to have the power to change our lives. After all, "not living is what tires you the most" and through psychotherapy, my biggest goal is to help you find your own path so that you can continue your journey."

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