In contact with organizations that make direct contacts with the Diaspora communities in order to mediate their integration into the culture of the country where they are located, rumo promotes our services free of charge to specific populations who are not able to acquire those.


Psychotherapeutic support to the Diaspora communities where financial and technical resources are limited.

On a clinical side, rumo acts in the areas of isolation, depression, anxiety and eating disorders.


At a career development level, we contribute to the professional orientation of adults and adolescents who need support in the re-encounter of professional and / or academic paths.


Currently, the United Nations estimates there are about 65 million refugees.


Among the various financial and logistical needs, volunteering in conflict zones has been one of the greatest aids that have been developed by people who have been available to make a small difference.

rumo aims to contribute in this direction, and to achieve that, makes its services available to volunteers who are in conflict zones, aiming to promote emotional recycling to those who help those who need it the most.




In situations of unexpected incidents [e.g. catastrophe situations], rumo's team has contributed to the intervention in the crisis with the Diaspora population in partnership with Governmental Entities.

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